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The Team | 2016

Young, dynamic professionals. Let ' s get down to business. We ' re a group of young professionals all under the age of 30 that simply understand business, work together and are on a mission to help others reach their goals.

Grant Vanderwagen

Elizabeth Crockett
Khaya Ngalo
Senior Associate CPT

Simone de Villiers
Senior Associate CPT

Michael Bowie
Senior Associate JHB

Our Future | 2016

Where are we going? Here's our plan. Over the next twelve months we plan to have a team in Cape Town, JHB and Durban. Our goals are to reach 150 clients with 20 team members on board. We're all for helping the Youth which is why we don't hire individuals older than 30 years of age. We're looking for the next generation of leaders.

Our Solutions | 2016

1. Online Marketing campaigns

Do you need a team to create and implement an online marketing campaign? We can sort you out when it comes to strategy, design, implementation, engagement & reporting.

2. Social Media Advertising

Our team has major experience when it comes to Social Media Advertising. This is paid advertising on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter with detailed targeting.

3. Website Development

Are you looking for a business website? Our team of developers can help you. Get in touch with us so we can understand your needs.

4. Corporate Identity Designs

Do you need a team that can create the perfect corporate identity? We will extract as much info out of you as to how you see your business and from this we will create and design the CI.

5. PR

PR Networks? Get in touch, let ' s chat!

6. Social Media Management.

Our team will strategically market your business using social media platforms on your behalf. We will focus on your goals and objectives and aim to meet them in every attempt.

7. Photographers

Need a photographer that can shoot your event? What about those awesome photo ' s for you and your family? We can assist you.

8. Business Consulting

Start - up Consulting, Marketing, advertising, these consulting sessions can be individual or group format. We prefer this to be presentations for your teams.

9. Video Productions

Need a sharp, good advert for social media or TV, get in touch with us so that our team of producers can create what you are looking for.

10. Benchmarking | Analysis | Strategies

We do strategies, benchmarking and analysis of businesses and their marketing efforts.

GET IN TOUCH WITH US | +27 83 952 6642

This is dedicated to Stuart Vanderwagen, Grant Vanderwagen's father who passed away on the 06/11/2015. Your zest for life will never be forgotten and we will share our unforgettable memories with you forever.