Pathways to Funding in Cape Town was a huge success not only for entrepreneurs but investors too. Me personally, I had a fantastic time and many opportunities came from #Path2Fund. During the course of last week we tracked the hashtag (#Path2Fund) on social media for the Do-Ference and the outcome is pretty amazing! Check out the statistics below and here's a big shout out to everyone involved in making this amazing event happen.

Congrats to the top five, you guys did an amazing job! There is more data below that we collected using a tool called

After an event like #Path2Fund tensions are high, there are decisions that need to be made. Entrepreneurs live for these moments, this is when they hustle and grind and make magic! #Path2Fund made magic and BIG things are coming!

If you didn't get catch me at the event please feel free to give me a shout

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This is dedicated to Stuart Vanderwagen, Grant Vanderwagen's father who passed away on the 06/11/2015. Your zest for life will never be forgotten and we will share our unforgettable memories with you forever.