When evaluating the ROI of an Influencer Marketing campaign, there are other metrics to look at beyond EMV. Examples of secondary metrics include:

Total Social Reach
Social Engagements
Social Exposures
Cost Per Engagement (CPE) by Influencer

Discovering the Right Influencer for YOUR Brand

Just like there’s a lid for every pot, there’s the right influencer (or influencers) for your brand. Finding these influencers often requires the expertise that only an organization that specializes in Influencer Marketing can provide. Why? Because finding the right influencers isn’t as easy as hopping on a social network or search engine to locate them.

A good partner will work with you to fine tune your audience targeting and then find the right influencers that cover topics that resonate with that target audience. The better the audience targeting and influencer identification, the better the ROI you’ll see on your program.

Using a combination of these three points – passion, platform focus, and voice – will help create synergy between your brand and the influencers selected. It can’t be stated enough – finding the right influencers is critical to success!


Across the influencer space there are multitudes of content categories and verticals, but the right influencer should be focused and passionate about a topic that closely aligns with your brand and mission.


It used to be that an influencer’s mainstay was their blog. Their social media handles were extensions of that footprint. Today, many influencers have gained authority through a social media-only presence,especially on emerging, more visually-inclined networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, YouTube and Snapchat.


One of the highlights of Influencer Marketing is the opportunity for a brand to leverage an influencer’s unique
voice. That unique voice has a big impact on the type of content an influencer can produce for your brand.

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