We need your help!

H20Catchers is on a mission to produce the first large scale fog farm in South Africa.

Working together we can produce more water for our communities.

It's time to capture one drop at a time.

What is H20Catchers?

H20Catchers is a simple and cost effective method of capturing water from fog. Capturing water from fog is a proven method and has been done in many countries around the world. This method needs no more testing or trials. The only thing that needs to be done is to put this project into large scale so we can start providing communities with fresh drinking water.

Our Plans

We're in the process of seeking URGENT funding and support that will allow us to put up the first 1000 H20Catchers!

If you feel you can help us in anyway please do get in touch with us.

Contact: Grant Vanderwagen
Email: grant@vanderwagen.co
Phone: 065 8668 700

Our prototype

Missed the video?

This is dedicated to Stuart Vanderwagen, Grant Vanderwagen's father who passed away on the 06/11/2015. Your zest for life will never be forgotten and we will share our unforgettable memories with you forever.