An influencer is a person who can affect the actions, behaviours and opinions of others through their blog and/or social channels.
Strategically, Influencer Marketing offers brands the opportunity to creatively leverage an influencer’s blog or social media properties to authentically connect with audiences

92% of consumers have made a purchase after reading about a product on their favourite blog.

69% are likely to make a purchase if someone they follow on social media recommends a product.

81% of marketers who have executed Influencer Marketing campaigns agree that influencer engagement is effective.

65% of brands have plans to spend more on Influencer Marketing this year vs. last.

EMV refers to the media value that can be attributed to publicity, social sharing, and endorsement through audience engagement. It is an effective measure of an Influencer Marketing campaign’s success at reaching beyond the bounds of its paid placements and a good way to understand

the amplification effect of Influencer Marketing.

Ok, so these are a few snippets from this epic pdf that I got my hands on. I have been doing good research into influencer marketing and I think it's something that companies should no doubt use. By becoming an influencer online you can just about do business with anyone selling a product or service. The only thing you have to do is prove to them that your network is a power house and enjoy your content.

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