Mentors: These are people you admire and follow, the people you learn from and the individuals that get you closer to those goals. Let's talk about mentors and why you should always have mentors in your life. Below is a list of what you will get out of having a mentor.

1. A mentor will give you the opportunity and help you stay driven and lead you in the right direction.

2. Mentors will answer all your work and career related questions and provide you with valuable information and advice.

3. Your mentor will connect you with some serious players in your industry that might not be able to assist you now but I promise they will be able to assist you in the future at some point.

4. Mentors will always cheer you on and help you find opportunities that will change your life forever.

5. A mentor will give you constructive feedback, they will tell you where you went wrong and where you did an amazing job.

6. Your mentor will let you shadow them at work, watch what they do, listen to their conversations and just about anything that can add value and teach you a lesson.

7. Mentors will keep you passionate about your success, they will make sure you are always moving forward and learning.

8. Your mentors will push you to your limits, they will test you to see if this path you are on is really what you want in life.

9. A mentor will teach you things that you will not use right now but in a few years you will thank them for teaching you that specific skill.

10. Your mentor will teach you to listen and take in the information that you are listening to.

I found a super cool acronym that defines a mentor. A good mentor...

M – Motivates you to accomplish more than you think you can.
E – Expects the best of you.
N – Never gives up on you or lets you give up on yourself.
T – Tells you the truth, even when it hurts.
O – Occasionally kicks your butt.
R – Really cares about you and your success.

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur. My advice to you would be to find a mentor today and start learning as much as you possibly can from that person.

This is dedicated to Stuart Vanderwagen, Grant Vanderwagen's father who passed away on the 06/11/2015. Your zest for life will never be forgotten and we will share our unforgettable memories with you forever.